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We inspire, help and make fun of one another. Cracked out on Cuban coffee we listen to loud music. Eat chicken wings while we laugh at viral videos. Some chase cats while others play ping pong. This is our outlet. Welcome.. Inside the Complex!


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Custom die cut flyers for our client @burritoboxofficial out in Los Angeles (worlds first burrito kiosk) printing by @wedopromo #branding #graphicdesign #burritostastebetterfromthefuture #techsmex #burritomania (at The Creative Complex)

Just finished up #nightlifegraphicdesign for Art of Electronica event featuring @thechainsmokers at @whimpittsburgh #edm #graphicdesign#eventbranding

Just finished up #nightlifegraphicdesign for Art of Electronica event featuring @thechainsmokers at @whimpittsburgh #edm #graphicdesign #eventbranding (at The Creative Complex)

Excited for all the work we’re doing for the national phenomenon @burritoboxofficial we’re ready to grow with you #hungry #thefuture #burritolove #mindblown #teamburrito (at The Creative Complex)

Excited for the website and branding work we did for @thesourcechurch great people to work with, doing a great work for Jesus in the Pembroke Pines area planting a church. Wishing you guys much success in 2014 as you continue to plant seeds for the harvest #church #lovegod (at The Creative Complex)

Excited to be the official design firm of the Philadelphia Bar, Nightlife & Hospitality Convention happening April 29 and 30, 2014. Visit for details. (at The Creative Complex)

We love branding a company’s social media for the holidays. Normally you see companies like Coca Cola or big corporations change their branding for the holidays, but with the power of graphic design, we can all do the same to share in the holiday spirit. #socialmediabranding #graphicdesign #holidaybranding (at The Creative Complex)

Something delicious is cooking with @itskevinrudolf and his latest venture The Burrito Box set to launch in L.A. very soon! Yes its Saturday, we get the most creative on Saturdays when we can work and play some ping pong. Very excited for this venture, praying for them to be successful. Great working with other creatives. Thanks @illfactor for connecting us. #graphicdesign #tastethefuture #branding (at The Creative Complex)

Something delicious is cooking with @itskevinrudolph and his latest venture to release very soon! Yes, Saturday is a work day! Well, work and play. We get down with Ping Pong, a little @cubanguys, and then back to work. #graphicdesign #branding #gettingcreative #creativespace #pingpong (at The Creative Complex)

Something special is in the works for the all new 15th & Vine Kitchen and Bar at @viceroymiami #graphicart #graphicdesign (at The Creative Complex)

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